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Food pantries do such amazing work. Collecting food and other essential material and reaching out to the needy is not easy and involves a whole lot of effort. Food pantries depend on donations to stock their shelves -- but often, it is difficult to find the right kind of food in the right quantities. Donations are often random -- there can be too much of certain goods, while too little of others. A big problem is also that many goods are low quality and do not meet nutritional needs.

Many Hands

was started as a way to easily connect food pantry inventories with people who want to donate so that food pantries have a place to ask for exactly what they need and potential donors know exactly what to donate. Most food pantries lack the volunteers to send out email alerts to actively seek out their requirements. 'Many Hands' does the work for them. All they need to do is register and sign up and their inventories will be included on the website for free. They can send regular updates of any new requirements. Potential donors can sign up for notifications and they will receive email alerts about items that are needed.