Your Support For Many Hands

Natick Service Council

"Thank you so much for reaching out to the Natick Service Council about your food pantry project with MIT Leadership -- what a great idea!! We would be happy to assist you with this project and learn more about how we can work together."

A Place To Turn

Joanne Barry

"This food drive will help a lot, Akshara, your efforts are appreciated. The food collected will go out the door tomorrow!

Thank you for being part of the caring community that helps us provide food and hope for those who need it during this unprecedented health crisis." 

Hebron Food Pantry

"Wow that sounds like a wonderful project! I would be happy to help with your project. Our inventory changes week to week, but we do have many items that are consistent."

Our Daily Bread, Mansfield Food Pantry

"Sounds like you're involved in a really interesting project! That's fantastic! Thank you, Akshara, for your interest in the Mansfield Food Pantry!"

Project Just Because Hopkinton Food Pantry

"Thank you so much for the milk donations! We are so grateful for the love and support! We are now able to provide fresh milk to families in need. Thank you! Thank you!"

PACE Food Pantry

Joshua Amaral

"You're doing incredible work and the much-needed items you were able to provide to us are put to good use. We are proud and thankful to be working with you, and impressed at your initiative and drive to give back!"