The Gluten-Free Food Bank NCA

Serving the Community

Needed Items: 

  • GF shelf stable and frozen bread
  • GF breakfast cereal
  • GF protein and other snack bars
  • GF mac and cheese
  • GF soup
  • GF quinoa, cornmeal and other GF grains
  • GF sweet and savory baking mixes
  • GF cookies and other baked goods
  • GF breaded frozen products, such as chicken and fish
  • GF pizza and pizza dough 

Address: 20 Pickering St, Needham, MA 02492

Phone Number: 617-262-5422

The Gluten-Free Food Bank is part of the National Celiac Association. We provide a niche food assistance service. We take donations of gluten-free food and we distribute them to partner food pantries for people who have celiac disease or some other medical reason to eat gluten-free. We are seeing an increased demand for our service but need more donations. We would like anyone who wanted to donate gluten-free food, or anyone who received a donations of gluten-free food that they cannot use, to give it to us so that we can distribute it to people who have a specific need for these expensive and difficult to get hold of products.The Gluten-Free Food Bank provides GF food staples to partner food pantries for distribution to individuals with a medical need for gluten-free food who cannot afford this expensive diet. We are always looking for any items labelled gluten-free.